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Fashion Trends for Men
Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion Trends for Men

Quilted jackets

Turns out, your grandma’s quilt patterns were ahead of their time (read: century). This year, quilted clothing is perfectly balanced fashion and function. You can wear a quilted jacket over just about anything for just about any occasion: It’s perfect for work and that Thanksgiving touch football game with your family. One of the best parts about quilted jackets is that, while warm, they aren’t bulky. So if you’re going for the cool, sophisticated and sleek look, you’re in luck.

Double–breasted coats

Boxy and double-breasted coats swept the runway for men’s fashion this year. If you’re trying to figure out what to wear to work, look no further than these double-breasted coats. Go for it over your trim jacket — and pair it with one of those thick neckties. You’ll look great all buttoned up.


More and more fashion items are becoming tools to make statements. Whether you choose an overt “Free America” T-shirt or one of the casual stars-and-stripes designs permeating men’s fashion this year, you can show off your beliefs in style.


If you ever looked at old pictures of your dad and wished you had his style — minus the atrocious haircut — you’ll probably love the ’70s throwback looks this year. There’s a vintage look for everyone, from oversize pants to bomber jackets. Pair your pilot-inspired fur-trim jacket with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for a chill but stylish look.


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